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    Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)

    Membrane Bi Reactor (MBR) is a combination of biological activated sludge treatment processes and physical filtration using membranes. It produces high quality treated water. Other advantages of MBRs over conventional processes include crystal clear output water, small footprint, low BOD, Nitrogen, Phosprous and high degree of dis-infection. It also produces high quality water consistently.

    Two MBR configurations exist: internal/submerged, where the membranes are immersed in and integral to the biological reactor; and external/side stream, where membranes are a separate unit process requiring an intermediate pumping step. 

    MBR configurations

    The filtration element is installed in either the main tank. Membranes can be flat sheet or tubular or combination of both, and can incorporate an online backwash system which reduces membrane surface fouling by pumping membrane permeate back through the membrane. In systems where the membranes are in a separate tank to the individual trains of membranes can be isolated to undertake cleaning regimes incorporating membrane soaks, however the biomass must be continuously pumped back to the main reactor to limit MLSS concentration increase. Additional aeration is also required to provide air scour to reduce fouling. Where the membranes are installed in the main reactor, membrane modules are removed from the vessel and transferred to an offline cleaning tank.

    External/side stream

    The filtration elements are installed externally to the reactor, often in a plant room. The biomass is either pumped directly through a number of membrane modules in series and back to the , or the biomass is pumped to a bank of modules, from which a second pump circulates the biomass through the modules in series. Cleaning and soaking of the membranes can be undertaken in place with use of an installed cleaning tank, pump and pipe work.


    Advantages of side stream MBR over submerged MBR:

    • Low capital cost

    • Lower membrane replacement cost

    • No air scouring required – Saves energy

    • No sludge re-circulation required- saves energy

    • Low maintenance cost

    • Higher flux

    • Simple automation

    • Membrane performance independent of biological system performance

    • Easy to clean

    • Option to operate in dead-end mode or cross flow mode

    • Can be retro-fitted to an existing Biological STP

    Indus specializes in design and execution of MBBR STP with UF / Side stream MBR.

    For all your requirements of MBR, contact sales@modernstp.com