• In Bangalore it is now mandatory for all complexes with 20 or more flats to set up STP within 3 months
  • Big Relief to Bangalore Apartment Owners- MoEF dilutes Discharge standards on 13-10-2017 to make it easy for STP owners
  • Micro STPs for 20 to 30 Apartments- Faster delivery- Prices start at 5.0 lakhs
  • BBMP issues guidelines on setting up STP in apartments in Bangalore. Details in this website
  • Indus launches 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plants' & Instant Sewage Treatment Plants 'e-STP'
  • Effluent Treatment Plants for Restaurant, Car Wash & Diary Industry
  • We have launched 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plant' for 100% recycle of Sewage
  • Channel Associates wanted in All State Capitals

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    why re-use sewage?

    Water is a precious resource. We traditionally use it once and dispose of it through our sewage treatment plants. There may be shortage of fresh water. But there will be no shortage of wastewater. Recycled water is a reliable source of water. Recycling water reduces the demand for fresh water. Recycling contributes to the conservation of drinking quality water, improves the reliability of our water supplies, frees up water for the environment and reduces the amount of treated water discharged into our water bodies and the ocean. There are many activities that do not require high / drinking quality water and could use recycled water (e.g. gardening and toilet flushing). Treated sewage is too good to just throw away. On this website, ‘recycled water’ generally refers to fully treated water from sewage treatment plants.