• In Bangalore it is now mandatory for all complexes with 20 or more flats to set up STP within 3 months
  • Big Relief to Bangalore Apartment Owners- MoEF dilutes Discharge standards on 13-10-2017 to make it easy for STP owners
  • Micro STPs for 20 to 30 Apartments- Faster delivery- Prices start at 5.0 lakhs
  • BBMP issues guidelines on setting up STP in apartments in Bangalore. Details in this website
  • Indus launches 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plants' & Instant Sewage Treatment Plants 'e-STP'
  • Effluent Treatment Plants for Restaurant, Car Wash & Diary Industry
  • We have launched 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plant' for 100% recycle of Sewage
  • Channel Associates wanted in All State Capitals

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The PFSTP50K Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants from Indus are designed to treat the sewage from a whole range of developments where access to the municipal sewers is not possible.

Housing estates, camping and caravan sites, rest homes, schools, construction sites, hotels, country clubs, public houses, restaurants.


  • Above ground installation with nice visual impact
  • No moving mechanical parts or components outside the plant
  • The exterior has been specifically designed to blend in with surroundings with generous access for maintenance
  • Controlled ventilation minimizes risk of odor nuisance
  • Efficient air blower is quiet and ensures low running and maintenance costs
  • Fully portable- transportable modules
  • All Indus products are manufactured under the quality procedures of ISO 9001 : 2008

Design & Process Description

  • The PFSTP50K Sewage Treatment Plant consists of a skid housing various tanks and plant equipment. The skid is made of high carbon steel long sections. One Biological Treatment modules, Secondary (Humus) Settlement tank and Chlorination tank are all fabricated in MS with internal lining of GRP. The plant is designed such that full access is provided to all parts of the plant for maintenance and de-sludging. The package plant is supplied with a duty/standby air blower, control panel housed in a main plant.
  • Raw sewage passes through a bar screen which retains solid particles bigger than 10 mm. Screened water goes into collection cum equalization tank- the existing septic tank. This tank is also provided with diffused aeration to prevent septic conditions.
  • Sewage is pumped to the biological treatment unit using (duty / standby) submersible pumps. The biozone is segmented internally to eliminate the risk of shortcuts and mitigate process risks associated with variable loads. The biozone segments are filled with high voidage plastic (MBBR) media where both carbonaceous and nitrifying processes take place, eliminating the need for separate tanks. Air to oxidize the influent and to scour excess biomass from the filter media is introduced continuously below each chamber by a series of diffusers. Each diffuser is capable of being removed for maintenance without the necessity to shut down the plant.
  • Following biological treatment the effluent flows (gravity) into the secondary (Humus) settlement tank where the excess biomass settles out. The settling tank is provided with sludge transfer pumps to transfer settled humus sludge to the bag filter for de-watering.
  • The treated and clarified effluent flows under gravity to the chlorination tank (part of our equipment). 10% sodium hypo chlorite is added using a dosing pump at the designed rate into the chlorination tank. 
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easySTP- FAQ

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