• In Bangalore it is now mandatory for all complexes with 20 or more flats to set up STP within 3 months
  • Big Relief to Bangalore Apartment Owners- MoEF dilutes Discharge standards on 13-10-2017 to make it easy for STP owners
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    Sewage Treatment Plant in Bangalore

    It is mandatory to set up Sewage Treatment Plant & Re-use water in Bangalore

    Bangalore has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. It now has population of over 1 crore. The city infrastructure especially public sewers and sewage treatment plants are not able to handle the growth. Raw sewage is getting into the beautiful lakes resulting in foaming and even fires in extreme cases. Ground water levels are below 1400 ft in some areas. Most apartments and commercial establishments are forced to purchase water in tankers.

    The state government has now mandated that every apartment complex with 20 units or more and commercial establishment, educational institue must set up treatment plants and re-use treated sewage. STP is now essential for:

    1. All apartments / Group residences with 20 units or more or having a built up area of 2000 Square meters including basement.

    2. Commercial complexes, IT buildings, Offices having built up area of 2000 Square meters or more

    3. Educational institutions with or without hostel having built up area of 5000 Square meters or more.

    4. Townships / Group Housings built over 10 acres or more of land

    Clearly specified in this Government order that treated water must be re-used for non-potable purposes.

    How will this rule be implemented?

    All the above mentioned buildings are now required to be constructed only after obtaining Consent for Establishment (CFE) from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB). Water & Electric connections will be provided by BWSSB & BESCOM, CESCOM, GESCOM & HESCOM only after proper CFE from KSPCB is obtained.

    Indus Ecowater, a leading name in Sewage Treatment, is well placed to provide ultra-modern and high performance Sewage Plants. The well packaged Sewage Treatment Plants in Bangalore, units leverage a unique technology which ensures high performance. In addition, the units use high-grade Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) which makes the plant strong yet light, compact, durable and portable. With such high-technology, buyers can ensure dramatic savings of almost 60% in operation and maintenance costs.

    Today, Sewage Treatment Plants in Bangalore from Indus Eco Water are being successfully used in hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, housing complexes, townships, industrial estates, etc, across Bangalore.

    If you're planning to set up a Sewage Treatment Plants in Bangalore, look no further than Indus Ecowater; for our STPs can scientifically treat and cleanse sewage and make them suitable for a host of applications from Gardening to Horticulture, Toilet flushing, Air conditioner cooling tower application, external facilities washing, car washing, etc.

    Download Karnataka govt order on Sewage Treatment in Apartments and commercial establishments from the link below