• In Bangalore it is now mandatory for all complexes with 20 or more flats to set up STP within 3 months
  • Big Relief to Bangalore Apartment Owners- MoEF dilutes Discharge standards on 13-10-2017 to make it easy for STP owners
  • Micro STPs for 20 to 30 Apartments- Faster delivery- Prices start at 5.0 lakhs
  • BBMP issues guidelines on setting up STP in apartments in Bangalore. Details in this website
  • Indus launches 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plants' & Instant Sewage Treatment Plants 'e-STP'
  • Effluent Treatment Plants for Restaurant, Car Wash & Diary Industry
  • We have launched 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plant' for 100% recycle of Sewage
  • Channel Associates wanted in All State Capitals

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    Sewage Treatment Plant in Chennai

    As per a survey report, India generates several thousand tonnes of garbage each day. Chennai alone generates around 5,200 tonne per day. Altogether, around 60 to 65 million tonne of garbage is generated in Indian cities and towns from households, offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, construction debris and street cleaning every year. By 2047, this is projected to increase to 260 million tonne.

    The need of the hour is not just proper disposal of waste, but also world class Sewage Treatment Plants in Chennai with the requisite ability to receive such waste and remove contaminants from such waste. When it comes to Sewage Treatment Plant Chennai, the name Indus Eco Water comes into focus. Known for its extremely versatile Sewage Treatment Plants in Chennai, Indus Eco Water STPs produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream (or treated effluent) and a solid waste (or treated sludge) suitable for disposal or reuse (usually as farm fertilizer).

    If you're planning to set up STP Plants for your hotel or hostel or hospital or any general / commercial building, our Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant will be ideal for treating sewage or effluent generated. The benefit of having such a STP unit from Indus Eco Water is that the unit is skid mounted and can be installed near to the effluent /sewage receiving underground tank. The treated water then can be used either for cleaning the floors or for gardening purpose or can simply be disposed off.

    By setting up a Sewage Treatment plants in Chennai, you can harness the following
    Benefits of a STP supplied by Indus Eco Water -

    • Clean effluent treatment facilitating 99.9% pollutant reduction.

    • Unique Sludge Management System that enhances treatment performance and reduces plant servicing costs.

    • Recycles own waste for re-digestion.

    • Odorless with complete aerobic digestion throughout the 

    sewage treatment plant

    • Space-friendly and can be accommodated even where small footprints exists.

    • Simple and affordable treatment plant to maintain.

    • Easy installation.

    Indus Eco Water has successfully commissioned several Sewage Treatment Plant in Chennai as per the latest norms that are in vogue in the marketplace.

    Likewise if you're looking for a source to set up a Sewage Treatment Plant in Chennai (STP plants), Indus is the right choice. With Indus Eco Water STPs, you can set up a world class Sewage treatment plants that is based on state-of-the-art technologies and user-friendly consoles and designed on submerged aeration