• In Bangalore it is now mandatory for all complexes with 20 or more flats to set up STP within 3 months
  • Big Relief to Bangalore Apartment Owners- MoEF dilutes Discharge standards on 13-10-2017 to make it easy for STP owners
  • Micro STPs for 20 to 30 Apartments- Faster delivery- Prices start at 5.0 lakhs
  • BBMP issues guidelines on setting up STP in apartments in Bangalore. Details in this website
  • Indus launches 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plants' & Instant Sewage Treatment Plants 'e-STP'
  • Effluent Treatment Plants for Restaurant, Car Wash & Diary Industry
  • We have launched 'Zero Discharge Sewage Treatment Plant' for 100% recycle of Sewage
  • Channel Associates wanted in All State Capitals

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    Sewage Treatment Plant in Hyderabad

    With each passing day, enormous amount of waste is being generated across the world by residential, institutional, and commercial and industrial establishments. From Chemical waste to Construction waste, Electronic waste, Food waste, Green waste, Hazardous waste, Heat waste, Litter, Medical waste, Municipal solid waste, Radioactive waste, Toxic waste, etc, there are a whole lot of waste that need to be disposed off in an environment-friendly manner. Hyderabad like many cities has its share of sewage problem.

    When it comes to Sewage Treatment Plant Hyderabad, Indus Eco Water has immense expertise in waste management and the right blend of products and services for safer, environmental friendly and an economically feasible treatment of waste from different sources.

    A leading name in Sewage Recycle Treatment, Indus Eco Water undertakes turnkey projects from designing to installation and commissioning of Sewage Treatment Plant Hyderabad. Indus manufactures highly efficient sewage treatment plants that can also be customized to clients’ specific requirements. Compact and simple to operate, they require minimal maintenance and are corrosion-free.

    Highly sophisticated and versatile, the 

    Sewage Treatment Plant Hyderabad

     from Indus Eco Water use advanced fully Aerobic Activated Sludge technology and are designed with quality raw materials facilitating long lasting working life. They receive waste from any kind of source that generates waste and removes impure materials from the waste that damage water quality when discharged into water receiving systems. They can be accommodated anywhere from the terraces to basements, etc, occupying just 1/5th of the space of any conventional system.

    Presently, Indus is capable of delivering from basic conventional treatment systems with discharge to Sewage Treatment Plants where all of the sewage is recovered and purified for reuse. Both customized and standardized sewage recycle treatment Hyderabad plants offered by Indus Eco Water, are successfully used by clients from the Municipal Corporations to Commercial Complexes, Hotels, etc. The biggest advantage is that they are pre-fabricated ready to install sewage treatment plants.

    In line with a worthy reputation as a premier sewage recycle treatment Hyderabad, Indus Eco Water continually refreshes its stock of Sewage Treatment Plants with ones having latest designs and methodologies for treatment of complex effluents.

    If you're looking for the right source in Hyderabad to supply a sewage recycle treatment Hyderabad that can meet the present and future discharge standards confidently, then look no further than Indus Eco Water for our Sewage Treatment Plant are operator friendly, require about 10% space and above all come with lower capital costs.

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